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It's fast and easy to use, and no monthly fees

We Make Shipping Easy

Print and Ship Faster

Print official USPS postage in a few easy steps. You can do it from any computer or mobile device and print from anywhere, making it your Post Office In the cloud. Just enter your package details, pay for and print your label, and schedule a FREE pickup. Speed, Simplicity, and Savings!

Save Money Online

By using ShipJoy and printing your postage online you can save up to 54% off retail USPS rates. These discounts are automatically calculated by our software.

Ultimate Convenience

Once you pay for and print your postage label, you can schedule a FREE pickup at your home or office, or drop it off at any approved USPS drop off location.

Choose Your Packaging

Use your own packaging or choose from several FREE USPS supplied boxes. Also, choose from the popular Flat Rate Products. If it Fits, It Ships!

Save Contacts and Set Preferences

Want to eliminate entering addresses every time? Want to get email messages with tracking updates? It's easy to set these preferences and more, saving you time to focus on more important things.